Van Tharp – Position Sizing Workshop

Van Tharp Position Sizing Workshop Van Tharp   Position Sizing Workshop

Van Tharp – Position Sizing Workshop

90% of the Performance Variation of Professional Traders 3s Due to Position Sizing. And Position Sizing Is the Key to Meeting Your Trading Objectives.

That’s right. Your success as a trader has little to do with selecting the right investment or even having a great system.  Instead, it has everything to do with the “how much” factor when you invest or trade.  Investment professionals have called this factor “asset allocation” or “money management.” However, they failed to understand that the key aspect was “how much” to invest in any position.

Others work so hard to get themselves a good system, but then fail to realize that position sizing is the key element to getting what they really want.  When you have a great trading system, it is certainly easier to meet your system objectives through position sizing, but even with an average system you still have a chance to meet your objectives and profit, if you understand how to position size properly.  That’s how important this key topic is.

Dr. Tharp, for many years has specialized in helping traders and investors understand position sizing and how to use it effectively.  He originally published The Money Management Report as his guide to position sizing.  But thanks to an overwhelming demand from his clients, we’ve now published the book you’ve all been waiting for, Dr. Tharp’s Definitive Guide to Position SizingSM.

Dr. Tharp’s clients have been reviewing this book throughout the last year.  Many of them think it is so important that they did not want to return it once they’d finished reviewing it.  It is that significant to their trading.  In the Definitive Guide to Position SizingSM you’ll discover the following

  • Ten trading biases to avoid and how to turn those biases into winning ideas.
  • How to understand low risk- ideas.
  • Systematic approaches to evaluate your system, plus how to rate your trading system for ultimate effectiveness.
  • Six kinds of markets and how to determine if your system works in all six.
  • How to let your winners win big and how to cut your losses short.
  • A visionary way to use position sizing to meet your objectives.
  • Six realistic methods that you could use to limit your potential for ruin or to limit large drawdowns in your account.
  • 93 different position sizing models (yes 93 of them!).
  • Position sizing software reviews.
  • The answers to typical position sizing questions.



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